A man named Patrick Barrett didn’t like what his common law wife was getting up to. She was planning to have an abortion (except she wasn’t even pregnant). She was kicking him out. Whichever it was (or maybe it was both), he decided that the appropriate response was to go get a hammer and beat her with it. His rage still unassuaged, he went to get his Bible.–Oh yes, his Bible, because he’s a Christian. They even met in church.–But you know what goes good with the Bible? A knife. He tore a page from Jeremiah out of the book, put it on his wife’s chest and stabbed her with the knife. He then took her bank card, withdrew some cash, and went to his girlfriend’s.

“I was cursing God, ‘God f— you, you betrayed me.’ I begged you to give me someone to love, to be a good parent and a husband and this is what happens.”

Right. Cause it’s all God’s fault that you are such an evil asshole a nice guy but all the women are so unappreciative.

But hey, it’s all okay because he’s apologised and repents now.