I’ve been a little preoccupied

June 18, 2009

Hey folks, thanks for checking out my new blog. I have a few drafts on the go, but haven’t had a chance to complete any of them. Stay tuned for at least three posts tomorrow later today (the 18th) {update: it’s now looking like tomorrow the 19th for posts-just way too busy today!!}: One on the criticism of CNN for failure to cover adequately the rising unrest in Iran over the weekend, one on voter apathy and political (in the worst sense of the word) games, and one on my reaction to the “deal” between Ignatieff and Harper to avoid a summer election.
We’ll see…I might even have a couple of other things to talk about.

Oh, on a side note: That Iranian friend that I mentioned the other day? Got word from him. He is in Iran and he’s okay.


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